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Among the numerous dating sites and internet dating services available nowadays, Ashley Madison has garnered users and recognition due to the services provided on the site. Unlike regular dating sites available for single people to connect and establish a relationship, Ashley Madison is for married people looking for emotional comfort or sex out of the confines of their marriage. Although single people can also make use of their dating services, it was specially created for married men and women who are looking to having extramarital affairs. People who are on the verge of a divorce and want company can also make use of Ashley Madison. They are offers even for heterosexual, polyamorous encounters too so you can pick anyone you want. In as much as there seem to be some advantages to get from being on the Ashley Madison dating site, there are also disadvantages. Here are some of the pros and cons of using Ashley Madison dating site.

Pros of using Ashley Madison

1. Extensively large user base

According to reviews, the Ashley Madison dating site has over 14.5 million anonymous members out of which 700,000 or more people visit the site every day. If you are looking to meet people from any and every work of life that are looking for any kind of relationship to get into, you should try it out.

Ashley Madison has gained prominence as the world's biggest dating site for married people. If hooking up with married people from different countries other than yours is what you want, Ashley Madison has got you covered. You can meet with people from countries like USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Spain, Mexico, among others. It has a wide network of people looking to connect.

There is a sense of mischievousness and thrill that comes from having extramarital affairs that no one knows about and Ashley Madison makes this possible for you. It keeps your identity and sexual encounters safe so you don't have to worry about someone finding out who you are or what you are doing.

Ashley Madison is an SSL certificate secured site, so you do not have to worry about someone other than yourself logging into your account and gaining information about you. The website won a Trusted Security Award. If you have any questions about your online security while using the Ashley Madison website, you can contact the customer care service by phone, email, or postal mail.

The main selling point of the Ashley Madison dating site is how easy it is to use. All you have to do is to create a profile, add your likes and dislikes, choose a username and password to Login with, include descriptive information about yourself so that other users would at least have a vague idea of how you might look like and you're ready to go. You don't even have to use a profile picture if you don't want to.

If you have any particular sexual preference, you can state it on your profile and with the large user-base the site boasts of, you can rest assured that you would find more than one person willing to try it out with you.

With a view to meeting the needs of their site's users, Ashley Madison has made it possible to find just the right person to get into an extramarital affair with. You don't have to worry that you'll find someone looking for something more serious than you can offer. You can clearly state what kind of relationship you want, be it short term, long term, and the likes.

You can pretty much figure out how to use the site on your first trial. It is user-friendly and convenient to use.

The Ashley Madison dating site has zero distracting ads so you don't have to worry about wasting your time on irrelevant things. You get straight to business.

There's a member's feedback section on the profile that allows you to rank the other members in various areas. Other people can see this ranking and it helps you to know what area a person ranks higher in before you get into anything serious with them.

Cons of using Ashley Madison

1. Criticism concerning the purpose of the site

Ashley Madison has faced strong criticism due to the nature of the site. Most people don't subscribe to the idea of engaging in extramarital affairs while in a marriage. Singapore has even banned the use of the website because of this reason.

You can never truly trust the information given on dating sites. pictures can always be doctored, information can always be altered and you might end up meeting someone who looks totally different from their profile picture.

Unlike other dating sites, Ashley Madison doesn't offer automatic matchmaking features so you would have to search for someone yourself.

This feature is also not available on Ashley Madison, it makes use of personal chats instead.


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