• 15th Oct, 2018

Today, millions of people make use of online dating services. With such an increase, it means that the chances of finding a partner online are higher than before. Irrespective of this number, you need to know how to play the game if you want to make the most out of online dating. Now, there are essential tips to help you do that. Let’s ride!

1. Make sure you are ready to start dating

If you’re keen about dating online, it’s important to focus on yourself. What does this mean? You simply need to make sure you take care of any loose ends that prevented you from dating in the past such as getting over your past partner or any personal issues that prevented you from getting into the dating world.

Most people will not visit your page without having a profile picture. If you browse through any dating apps, chances are you browse right past the profiles without a picture so it’s important to add the right picture. Some people will add older pictures of themselves due to the lack of pictures available for them to use. If you decide to use an older picture, make sure you look as close as you do or it could bite you in the long run when meeting people in person your profile photo should show your full head and shoulders. Photos under natural light are more flattering and provide you with greater chances of getting people to click through to your profile. The photo should be taken in a place you feel more at ease to illustrate the real you — your relaxed mood would be displayed in the photo and make you appear more attractive.

Creating a good dating profile is one of the most important tips to get the most out of online dating. We recommend that your profile illustrates positive qualities about yourself without trying too hard. Once you finished talking about you, make sure you’re really specific about the qualities you think are important so there will be no misunderstanding when people are messaging you.

Your first message can make or break the when it comes to online dating. It is usually a daunting task for many to craft an engaging and flirty message that leaves a positive impression on the recipient. Well, an easy way to do this is to find something in your recipient’s profile that you both share and talk about it. This shows that you’ve actually gone through their profile and also illustrates your shared interests. However, it is important to avoid, as much as possible, any form of plagiarism because it’s a huge turn-off.

If you got this far, you passed the messaging test and moving towards meeting your prospect for a first date. Now here’s the secret, keep it simple! We recommend grabbing a cup of coffee, meeting at a park, something with low stakes just so you can highlight your personality. While you’re on this date, avoid discussing the past because that’s an instant turnoff. Just keep things simple and enjoy the process.